Monday, December 15, 2008

More nice words from my Brides

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work yesterday. Everyone loved
you guys and thought you were great and so talented. It was such a
calm, relaxing environment with you guys and I could not have asked
for more. Please let us know if there was anything wrong with any of
our payments. I cannot thank you enough for making my day a beautiful
one. I look forward to seeing you guys at Randi's wedding!

Jacqui Chapluk

Nice words from my happy bride!

We don't have any pictures downloaded to email you yet, but I wanted to email you and thank you! My Sister's, Mom's and my hair looked beautiful the whole night! You did such a wonderful job, and truly made me feel that much more beautiful! I will send you pictures once we get them downloaded and ready to be emailed! Thank you so much for everything, everyone commented on how beautiful my hair was the whole night! I will definitely recommend you if I run into anyone looked for a hair stylist for their wedding! Thanks again!
Love, Katie Gu

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

My Favorite time of the year!! We just got a house so I've been so busy. But still I actually find time to enjoy my favorite holiday. Today I drove by the house with my friend Kris. As we pulled in the drive way the front door was open to the house and tools where every where. My heart sank. I though "they're stealing my appliances." I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to run in and possible put myself in a bad position. Then my friend Kris said she'd go. When she went in the house she say workers laying down tile. She asked what they where doing (duh kris. j/k) And they said there where the termite people and they where replacing the broken tiles in the kitchen from the termite damage. They got it approved by the bank, we called our Realtor and it all checked out. They fixed the WHOLE floor. It will cost us nothing. WE where going to have to do it ourselves and God as always had a better plan. What a wonderful Christmas present. I couldn't help but smile all day. Even when I got cut off and almost crashed on the way home, I still thought, God everything is in your hands. And what beautiful hands to have my life in...
I hope you count your many blessings this Christmas and Remember the reason we Celebrate him...
Love you all